I support Mindset and Transformation Coaches, in the Wellness Industry, gain the confidence needed to create or re-design a business which lights them up.


Intuitive | Brainstorming | Strategist

I work with women like you.

Whether you are trying to decide if you should finally start that business you’ve dreamed about, for years, or you are already on your entrepreneurial journey, I can help.

Are you looking for guidance on how to step into the world of entrepreneurship or just deciding to re-brand an existing business?  Let’s Talk.

Feeling Disconnected From Your ‘Dream’ Business?­

You will never feel truly connected to something that is not authentically you!

Being remarkable takes authenticity, passion, purpose and focus. 


Business Mentor & Clarity Coach for Service-Based Online Ladypreneurs!

“Don’t call them Dreams.  Call them Plans.”

I am excited to facilitate a high-vibe, high-touch coaching experience.  Women in Business Support Circle is an intimate Group Accelerator with a focus on business growth, creativity & clarity, mindset and accountability, in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Jen helped me completely transform my business!  She is an amazing lady to work with. I am based in the UK so all our meetings/workshops were remote over zoom. We worked really hard but had fun too.  My favourite thing about working with Jen has been her enthusiasm, support and the amazing friendship we have formed.

Jen made my passion her passion and really helped me to dig deep about what I was delivering and who I could support to make the very best of the brand she was creating for me. I now have one place where all my clients and potential clients can go, I have a brand that fits all the dynamic areas I cover and I have made a life long friend. I would recommend Jen to everyone.”

Alexandra Dawson

Health & Wellness Coach, Alexandra Dawson Wellness

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Work with me and you will have a business you believe in and a brand that helps you stand out, so that you achieve personal freedom and financial success, doing what you love ♥

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