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In this day of advanced technology even people who think they are technically challenged can log onto a computer and do a little research.  Consumers may not always purchase online, but most people will check for reviews before buying a product or service.

Your client’s testimonials are reviews for your business and just like most consumers, most people will glance at, if not read through your testimonials.  Grateful and satisfied client’s reviews are seen as social proof that you not only exist but if well-written, then can help ‘seal the deal’ for potential clients who are not quite sure if you will be the perfect coach or the best web designer for them. 

It’s not enough for them to tell everyone that you are a great listener, or that your graphic work is beautiful. 

You’ll want them to share why they came to you, what problem you solved and how you did it. Then, of course, how grateful they are for the results you afforded them.

I suggest when asking your clients for a testimonial you send them a form that helps them ‘fill in the blanks’.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.

I basically ask my clients why they came to me, what I did for them, how I helped them and why they’d recommend me or why they’d choose to work with me again.  I always ask permission to share (and give them options on what personal and business information they’d like to share) and I thank them for their review.

I’ve never had a client refuse to give me their feedback and comments. 

“It’s easier than you think”

Make this a part of your practice.  At the end of a project or at the end of coaching sessions, to check in with your client. To have a conversation with your client and just say something like “I hope that you found this experience to be a good one” or “It’s important to me to make sure you are happy with the results of our working together”. 

Keep it simple.  “Would you mind me sharing how it made you feel?” or “I’d appreciate, if you wouldn’t mind, giving me a short testimonial so I can share how this result worked so well for you!”… use your own words and what works best in your situation, but this opens the door wide open to easily ask for a testimonial.

The easiest way for people to give you a testimonial is in writing, but that’s not the only way!  Why not ask them, if they are comfortable, to send you a quick video review.  They can use your form questions as a guideline, and you can embed the video on the testimonial page of your website. 

Give it a try next time you are talking with your most recent satisfied client.

If you’d like to see what my form, for my Bohemian Branding clients looked like, you can see it right here:

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Here’s a fun little video I made

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