One-to-One Coaching    

Business Best Friend

Consider Me Your Silent Partner!

Are you here because you are struggling to focus and get clear?

I’ve created a safe place for you to share goals, ideas, dreams, and fears. 

I’m here to help, not to judge.  To offer feedback, not criticism.  To encourage you to consider things you may not have, and to help you gain clarity.

There is a lot more to getting ‘it right’ than you may realize.  I know, I’ve done it already and I can help you!

Reconnect With Yourself!

Are you tired of trying to ‘figure it all out’?  Are you overwhelmed with all the ‘specialists’ giving you conflicting suggestions?

This isn’t about them. No, this is All About YOU.

Do you need someone who will really listen to what you are saying?  Someone who communicates and really cares.  Someone who is intuitive and creative as well?

Nothing makes me happier than to have a client feel as though they’ve broken through a barrier with my help.

From concept to completion… brainstorming to the big reveal, I’m with you all the way. 

Whether you are starting from scratch or you just need to feel connected to the brand you’ve created, I’m in 100%, and my unique skills and experiences allows me to think outside the box and find solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

If you would like to work with a creative collaborator who really listens to what you need, is effective, efficient, resourceful and has knack for understanding what you want and will help make your life easier, just send me a message and let’s see what we can do together!

Don’t think this is just going to be business talk.   I’m going to help you reconnect with the young woman who started off with big plans and dreams and somehow ended up in what feels like a hamster wheel in a small cage.  From mindset to meditation I’m happy to help you feel good about the work you are doing and the plans you have for your life!

If you would like to learn more about working with me click on the button below to schedule a Free Discovery Call today.

What it will look like…

Before we get started I’ll send you a pre-call questionnaire that will help me prepare.  It will help me become familiar with you & your goals for our session.

It will also give me an opportunity to prepare some questions for you too!

Here are a few things we will do together


– We will discuss your life and business dreams and create actionable goals
– We will focus on one item at a time and plan out how to execute each one
– We will do braindumps and brainstorming and get super clear on what you want your life to look like!



How we will manage it

* 1 – 60 Minute call a week (What’s App, Zoom or Skype) for 12 Weeks
* Unlimited Voxer Text or Voice Memos for 14 Weeks
* Bespoke Action Plans and/or Worksheets sent out every week for 12 Weeks and the last 2 weeks will be putting plans into action and I’ll be there to help you with any bumps in the road or even if you just have a small panic attack 

I want to get to know you.  A relationship means I will be able to understand why you’ve developed your business, who you’re going to serve and how you want to see it grow.

Once I understand your business and your goals, we start brainstorming.  Working together we will come up with your processes and strategies to move your business forward.

Whether we are working on a full-blown branding project, need someone to brainstorm with or need help finding your ‘why’, I will share my experiences and offer my support and suggestions on how to run your new business better.

What’s included:

How It Works

We will work together in one-on-one coaching sessions to strategize and develop your new business.

We will break everything down, in to bite-sized chunks, so that we can easily attack it and micro-focus on the areas that you feel weak in.

Where do your passions lie?  What are your unique gifts?  Who is your ideal client, who will you be serving?  What can you bring to them that no one else can?

We’ll make sure we stay laser-focused on why you’ve come to me for help.

We will use free Project Management programs,  Asana & Trello, to track all action items, deadlines and share files. I’ll throw in templates, checklists… etc, that are created for you specifically.  I’ll give you an overview of  Asana, a great tool you can use to keep your business organized!

Curious about Laser Brainstorming Sessions?  Find out more.