Creative Brainstorming System

7 Ways to Generate Ideas that Solve Your Biggest Business Challenges

This self-paced course, that includes carefully constructed modules, will help

you become brilliant at brainstorming and give you useful skills for life.

➢ Gain an understanding of how brainstorming works
➢ Learn valuable tips to help you get the most out of your brainstorming
➢ Learn how to take the massive list of ideas you’ve generated through brainstorming and evaluate each, whittling your list down to just the single idea or few ideas you need
➢ Learn 7 brainstorming methods that are the most effectively used in business, along with their variations and different options
➢ Have a chance to try out each of these brainstorming methods so that you can decide which to add to your arsenal
➢ Learn the most common pitfalls and mistakes used in brainstorming and how you can avoid them

What you get:
              Workbook                                               Action Guide              

In this package you will receive 2 fillable PDFs (value $37 USD).

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