Bohemian :  A Person Who Lives an Unconventional Life

Besides building stand-out brands with amazing clients, I want to inspire other women to live their best life.  

“I put fear, obstacles and excuses aside to go after the life I wanted to create”.  Now it’s your turn!

Hi there.  I’m Jen Shea, Clarity Coach, Business Mentor, Branding Wiz, Brainstorming Junkie and the Architect behind Bohemian Branding.

I guide and support Ladypreneurs to develop and create their business and brand.  Clarity | Focus | Brainstorming | Strategy.

I help you get through all the hard work.   I’m your mentor, your cheerleader and your eyes from the outside.

I ask a lot of questions and I truly listen.  You will only feel absolutely connected to what you’ve created if it is authentic!   

When I Was Young

As as child I was extremely creative, inquisitive and inventive.  For some time I thought I’d become an architect.  By high-school I just knew I was meant to travel the world!

And  Now

So here I am.  Designer, Photographer, Creator and Business Owner, with overwhelming love for my daughter,  a passion for Paris, Portugal and my little cat… and I am happier than I’ve ever been!

Favourite Quote

“You’ve only got one lifeYou can’t just sit around waiting for your next life to start!”


A little bit about me:  I love to travel, I love to create and I love learn!!  So how did I get here?  
As careers go, I could never imagine doing the same type of work every day for 30 years!  I had a few different types of ‘jobs’ and a few different careers.  I look back at them as chapters in my life.  And looking back, I recognize the need for change, every few years, was simply because I wasn’t doing anything I was truly passionate about.  I worked for other people, not myself.
I did learn a great deal and 
I always moved into more challenging roles, and in all these different positions I picked up invaluable insight and experiences.
I started my own entrepreneurial journey back in 2010 and although there have been challenges along the way, I wouldn’t change a thing!

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