Monthly Mentor  

‘Affordable Monthly Coaching’ 

Imagine what you can accomplish with the right support?

You have a lot to do in just a few weeks.

You need someone to keep you accountable and on track.

You need help sorting through ideas that are swirling around in your head.

You need someone you trust who can be objective and honest with you.

You need someone you can bounce ideas off of, when ever they come to you.

I will do my very best to support you through the entire month.

This is what it will look like and what you will get:

Before we meet, I’ll send you a pre-call questionnaire that will help me become familiar with you & your goals for the month.

It will also give me an opportunity to prepare some questions for you too!



We will start the month off with a 60 minute call (WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype) to go over the questionnaire and make sure we are clear on your over-all goals for the month.

You’ll also get one month of unlimited WhatsApp Support for 4 weeks – text messages and/or voice memos.

I want to get to know you.  A relationship means I will be able to understand why you've developed your business, who you're going to serve and how you want to see it grow.

Once I understand your business and your goals, we start brainstorming. Working together, we will come up with your processes and strategies to move your business forward.

Whether we are working on a full-blown branding project, need someone to brainstorm with or need help finding your 'why', I will give you 100%.

Curious about booking me for an entire day?  Find out more.