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Crafting Your Story: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Creating The Business Of Your Dreams

Your Brand Your Story


For Women Ready To Elevate Their Business & Their Brand!

Hi Lovely Soul!

Writing Your Story

I learned early on that the best way for me to authentically connect with ‘my people’ is to tell my story and share my journey. 

In my experience, to attract people who will resonate best with you, simply be honest and open and let your personality shine. 

The Origin of Your Journey:

Picture that pivotal moment when your entrepreneurial journey began. What sparked your passion for your business? Was it a personal epiphany, a career shift, or maybe a lifelong dream finally taking flight? Share the backstory that brought you to this point, the motivation behind your entrepreneurial spirit.

Experiences That Shaped Your Path:

Life’s journey is woven with experiences and exceptional moments – some joyful, some challenging, but all essential in shaping who we are. Reflect on the key moments and milestones that have influenced your decisions and directed the course of your business. From career milestones to personal growth moments, each experience has played a role in sculpting your entrepreneurial path.

Lessons Learned, Wisdom Earned:

They say that every setback is a setup for a comeback, and every challenge is an opportunity for growth. What invaluable lessons have you learned along the way? Whether it’s resilience in the face of adversity, adaptability in navigating change, or the importance of staying true to your values, share the wisdom gained from these experiences. Your insights can inspire and empower others on their own paths to success.

The Spark of Inspiration:

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a source of inspiration – a guiding light that illuminates the path ahead. Who or what inspired you to embark on this journey? Whether it’s a mentor’s guidance, a role model’s example, or a personal passion, honour the sources of inspiration that have fuelled your entrepreneurial fire. Pay homage to those who have paved the way and ignited your entrepreneurial spirit. 

The Heart of Your Mission:

At the core of all successful businesses lies a compelling mission – a driving force that propels you forward and gives meaning to your work. What is the heart and soul of your mission? Whether it’s a desire to make a positive impact, a commitment to serving others, or a passion to create lasting change, articulate the purpose that fuels your passion and propels your business forward. Your mission is what sets you apart and gives your brand its unique voice and vision.

Craft your brand’s story with authenticity, passion, and purpose.

💫 Your story is your superpower – wield it wisely and watch as it captivates hearts, inspires minds, and propels your business to new heights!

With love, light, and endless possibilities 💛 🔆

Let me know if you are interested in chatting. We can schedule time to connect via Zoom, WhatsApp or Voxer.

Redefining, Minimizing, and Realigning

Redefining, Minimizing, and Realigning

Creating The Business Of Your Dreams

Change Is Important


For Women Ready To Elevate Their Business & Their Brand!

Hey there, Beautiful Soul!

Embracing a New Stage in My Intuitive Coaching Practice

Change is in the air, and I’m really excited to share some heartfelt reflections and exciting updates about the evolution of my coaching business. 

If you’ve read my recent newsletter, you’ll know that I’ve been on a journey of introspection, reevaluation, and realignment with my soul’s purpose and vision. Today, I want to delve a little deeper into these shifts and share with you the essence of what’s to come.

Redefining Soul-Aligned, Intuitively-Led Business Coaching

At the heart of my coaching practice has always been a commitment to soul-aligned growth and transformation. But what does soul-aligned business coaching truly mean? For me, it transcends mere strategy and success metrics. It’s a journey towards fostering an earnest connection with our inner wisdom, core values, and authentic essence. It’s about shaping businesses that resonate with our deepest aspirations, passions, and purpose, ensuring they flourish both financially and spiritually.

Minimizing for Clarity and Focus

In today’s fast-paced world, clarity and focus have become more essential than ever. That’s why I’ve decided to minimize certain aspects of my coaching practice. By simplifying offerings, streamlining processes, and letting go of anything that no longer resonates with the intrinsic nature of my coaching business, I can devote my energy, time, and attention to what truly matters most – supporting you on your unique journey of growth and transformation.  Learn More : Work With Me

Introducing Voxer: A New Way to Connect and Thrive

One of the most exciting updates I want to share with you is the incorporation of Voxer as a primary communication tool in my coaching practice. Voxer offers a unique and intimate platform for ongoing conversations, support, and guidance. It allows us to connect in real-time, share insights, celebrate victories, and navigate challenges together in a way that feels authentic, personal, and deeply connected.

By integrating Voxer into the heart of my coaching methodology, I am confident we can foster a powerful, impressive, and deeply enriching coaching experience that embraces the fluidity and spontaneity inherent in the journey together.

Join Me on This Exciting New Adventure

Embarking on this exciting new chapter, I want to share my heartfelt gratitude to each of you who has contributed to this journey. Your trust, unwavering support, and eagerness to embrace growth continuously inspires me.

If you think you might be ready to dive deeper, reconnect with your true purpose, and redefine success on your unique terms, I invite you to accompany me in this next chapter. Together, let’s create businesses that thrive and resonate deeply with our souls, making a greater impact in our worlds.

With love, light, and endless possibilities 💛 🔆

Let me know if you are interested in chatting. We can schedule time to connect via Zoom, WhatsApp or Voxer.

Your Business & Brand Growth

Your Business & Brand Growth

Creating The Business Of Your Dreams

Strategies For Solopreneurs


For Women Ready To Elevate Their Business & Their Brand!

Hey there, Solopreneur!

Running a one-person show can be both exciting and a tad overwhelming, right? But fear not! With a sprinkle of strategy and a dash of creativity, you can grow your solo business and brand in style. Let’s dive into some fun and light-hearted ways to make your business shine.

Why You Need a Growth Strategy (No, Really!)

Okay, let’s get real for a sec. A growth strategy isn’t just a fancy term thrown around in business textbooks. It’s your game plan for success! Think of it as your trusty GPS guiding you through the winding roads of entrepreneurship, helping you avoid potholes and take scenic detours along the way.

The Recipe for Solo Business Success

1. Rock Your Personal Brand: You’re the face, the voice, the heart and soul of your business! Show off your unique flair and expertise. Share fun tidbits about your journey, sprinkle in some behind-the-scenes glimpses, and let your personality shine through. After all, people love doing business with people, not faceless corporations.

2. Know Your Tribe: Who are the awesome folks you’re serving? Dive deep into understanding their quirks, needs, and desires. Tailor your offerings to make them go “Wow, they totally get me!” And remember, it’s better to be the go-to guru for a specific group than a jack-of-all-trades for everyone.

3. Digital Delights: Let’s get digital, digital! Build a killer online presence with a snazzy website, share-worthy content, and social media antics that’ll make your audience hit that ‘follow’ button faster than you can say “Hashtag Awesome!”

4. Spread the Love: Treat your customers like VIPs. Shower them with love, offer stellar service, and create experiences they’ll rave about. Happy customers = brand ambassadors cheering for you from the rooftops (or at least from their social media profiles).

5. Stay Curious and Flexible: The business world is ever-changing, like a game of Whack-a-Mole on fast-forward. Stay curious, keep learning, and be ready to adapt and pivot like a pro. Embrace the twists and turns, and remember, every challenge is just a plot twist in your entrepreneurial adventure.

Let’s Get Growing: Actionable Steps for Your Solo Business

1. Dream Big, Start Small: Set some groovy goals for your business journey. Break ’em down into bite-sized chunks, and celebrate every win, big or small. Keep your goals front and centre to stay motivated and on track.

2. Be Resourceful: You might be flying solo, but you’re mighty! Make the most of your time, energy, and budget. Focus on what brings the most bang for your buck (or should we say, the most sparkle for your dime?).

3. Check Your Stats (But Keep It Fun!): Keep an eye on the numbers, but don’t get bogged down in the nitty-gritty. Use cool tools to track your progress, and celebrate your wins with a little happy dance (or a fancy coffee – you’ve earned it!).

4. Find Your Tribe, Build Your Squad: Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, and fans who cheer you on. Join fun groups, attend cool events (virtual or in-person), and share laughs, tips, and high-fives along the way.

Wrapping It Up: Your Solo Success Story

So, there you have it, rockstar! Growing a solo business is a wild ride, but with a sprinkle of strategy, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of passion, you can make it a fun and fabulous adventure. Remember to enjoy the journey, embrace the ups and downs, and keep shining your unique light in the world of entrepreneurship.

Cheers to your solo success story! 🚀🌟

Let me know if you are interested in chatting. We can schedule time to connect via Zoom, WhatsApp or Voxer.

Know Your Ideal Client!

Know Your Ideal Client!

Creating The Business Of Your Dreams

Keys To KYC


For Women Ready To Elevate Their Business & Their Brand!

Show your potential client why your proposal is worth the hassle.


Why do I think it is extremely important to Know Your Client (KYC)?

Not only do you need to know and understand your client in order to be able to market to them (and I really do think this is very important), but you also need to understand who they are, how they think and what they need.

Know their objections and have answers for every question and concern!

Most business owners will automatically throw up objection to a new proposal.  In some cases it is just a reflex. They’ll say no before they say yes.  In other cases, they are simply testing you. In any case, you need to be prepared explain, in detail, what you can do for their business. Tell them why they need you… and how you are the right person to work with.

How can you do that if you don’t know who they are and what their business mission is.  Do some research – do your homework!

“Put yourself in your client’s place”.


Get to know the person who runs the business you would like to work with.  Who is that person, or group of people?  Besides learning what they sell, coach, offer…  find out what their core values are.   Google is your best friend.  Do some digging!


The most successful businesses understand their client’s mentality.  How do you do this?

The key here is knowing your client, inside and out.  Do Your Research!

Zero in on your target audience and your marketing will become very clear and then it will suddenly become easy to do!

Learn everything you can about them; what makes them tick, their pain points, how they measure their success.

Whether it’s simply knowing what colours appeal to them, or knowing what ‘turns them off’, you will make your life easier if you can figure this stuff out before you put it out there.


For example,  it’s important to be consistent with the language you use on your website, in social media and in all your marketing.

You need to decide what you are going to sound like in all your communication.  Knowing your client will help you to discover your voice.

For example, if  he or she is an older professional, you might be less inclined to use a lot of slang terms or even a few curse words.  That being said, if you are talking to a hip young audience who aren’t offended by the occasional curse word, then you should consider speaking like they do.

Now that I’ve said that, I believe it’s important to sound like yourself.  If you are the ‘rockstar chic’ type, then is your ideal client going to be an serious, middle-aged business man?  Not likely.   So, why would you go after this client?

Knowing who you are before you figure out who your ideal client is and you’ll come to your ‘sweet spot’.  Where yin meets yang.  Where you are going come together with the person you can help the most!

Do you know who your ideal client is?

Before you do anything with your business, take that pre-branding journey of discovery.

Let me know if you are interested in chatting. We can schedule time to connect via Zoom, WhatsApp or Voxer.

Create Your Strategy For Success

Create Your Strategy For Success

Creating The Business Of Your Dreams

Soloprenueurs Strategies

For Women Ready To Elevate Their Business & Their Brand!

Finding new clients is important for all businesses, big or small. In order to grow your solo business, you need to grow your client base.

Large companies don’t just do this by aggressively pushing their high-value products or services to their target market. They start with a clearly defined strategy, and you should too.

A comprehensive client strategy includes the entire journey a person takes with your brand, from initially connecting with it – through retaining them as a lifelong brand advocate.

Here are the important points to consider when creating your plan:

1. Your ideal client. You should identify exactly who most benefits from your products and services. Include the need your product fulfills or problem it solves and how.

2. Goals. Your goal should be the revenue and buying pattern you hope to get from each client.

3. Marketing channels. Identify where you will find new clients and how you will use each channel.

4. Metrics for measuring success. You’ll need a system in place for measuring your results so you can tweak your strategy as needed.

The most basic consideration is to know your client well. If you have defined your client avatar, you’ll be able to better meet their needs and reach them where they are, with a message that will resonate.

Another consideration is budget. Although you don’t have to spend much at all, you might allocate funds for things like paid advertising or marketing research as part of your plan.  You might find it worthwhile hiring someone to create posts for you.

Your strategy will not only help you as you grow, but also give your small business credence and credibility.  As your business evolves, your strategy will as well.  

Let me know if you are interested in chatting. We can schedule time to connect via Zoom, WhatsApp or Voxer.

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