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Choosing Your Name


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When you started your business did you consider creating a ‘personal’ brand? 

If your business is about selling dog toys, or perhaps you own a multi-person service business, you likely have a catchy or memorable name for your business.  For example, Playchewa Dog Toys, or The Intela Group (I totally made those up).  This makes a lot of sense.  You may be the creative brains behind the brand, but ultimately it’s not about you and most of us hope to create a brand that endures and maybe, just maybe, you will sell your business and retire to your mega mansion or private island retreat.  Fingers crossed!

That being said, if your new business is all about you… then perhaps make your new brand personal!  What do I mean?

I’m talking about using your name as the name of your business. 

When might you do this?

If you are your business, and it’s all about you, then this really works.  If you are selling your unique ideas, your expertise or even something tangible like your paintings… then why not use your name?

It’s yours, you already use it and it will be the easiest thing for people to remember.  

I know some of you might hate your name, and you don’t have to use it.  Maybe you think it is far too long and in this case, I might suggest you consider a version of your name, maybe shorten it. 

Your “brand voice” is how you, as a business owner or entrepreneur, express your business personality in your writing style, language, and tone. It is the distinct persona or identity of your brand that shines through in the words and phrases you use, and which allows you to stand out from other brands. If your brand voice is distinct enough, your followers should be able to recognize you in your writing even if there was no name or logo on it.

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